Thank you so much for your Interest in our location! Mayberry Acres offers 7 acres of beautiful photo ready locations and Sets! Mayberry is family owned and operated. We book to Photographers only by appointment.

Jake and myself (Meghan) LOVE what we do! We have a passion for creativity and creating the perfect set for the perfect photo!

We build all our sets ourselves ..with some inspiration from Pinterest, of course. We work very hard to be unique and bring our designs to life!

We offer individual/family sessions as well as mini sessions and the most popular is our “You Shoots”! We also offer a full range of props and furniture as well as a variety of vintage trucks, camper, and VW Bug!   All are available to rent on or off the property.

We also offer a nearby indoor studio, Mayberry On Main,  with full studio lighting and a variety of flooring and backdrops.

 Please feel free to message or call anytime if you have any questions! We thank you so much for being a part of what we love!